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Antica Tosteria di Modena Dark Blend Ground Coffee

dark blend antica tosteria 
250 g - approx 8.82 oz Can

The Antica Tosteria di Modena coffee blends are the result of careful selection of the best coffee beans from the world's most prestigious coffee plantations.   The beans are slowly roasted over a wood flame following the best tradition of Italian craftsmanship.


Out of the 2000 Italian coffee producers, only three or four roast over a wood flame and the Antica Tosteria di Modena is one of these.   This antique method besides being environmentally friendly, gives the coffee a unique flavor due to the use of woods like oak and cherry.

The Dark Blend is a mixture of 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta recommended for those who love a cup of coffee with a rich consistency and intense, full bodied flavor.

Tasting one of the Antica Tosteria di Modena's blends will give you a unique experience of rediscovering the antique flavor of coffee.

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