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Forno Gastone

In 1979 Angela Malavasi and her husband Gastone Neri took over an old, well-known bakery in the center of Modena. The bakery was devoted to traditional and artisan production which they have kept to this day.


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Also in 1979, Gastone Neri took a cooking course at the restaurant "I Cardi" which was very popular at the time with its many prestigious recipes.

In particular, Gastone wanted to learn the art of making Amaretti (macaroons) which he became very good at making. When the restaurant "I Cardi" closed, Gastone acquired the patent for the Amaretti recipe which even today Angela makes in the traditional way by hand. She strongly believes that the heat produced by the hand and a trained eye make a far better product than that achieved by cooler methods used in the industry. Fine Tastes of Modena thinks she is right since Forno Gastone is the main point of reference for the Modena folk and foreigners wanting to buy Amaretti.

Many foreigners visiting Modena, stop off at Forno Gastone to buy her famous Armaretti. One of whom Angela had the pleasure of meeting was Sylvester Stallone's father who was visiting Modena to buy a Ferrari.
Forno Gastone has become a historical point of interest for the people of Modena, where tradition has been kept alive throughout the years.