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"LA GELATINA" Balsamic Vinegar Jelly - Pedroni

La Gelatina Pedroni 
We are sorry, but the selected product is currently not available.

This product was developed from the desire to fully appreciate top quality balsamic vinegar maintaining all its organoleptic characteristics, but in a solid form offering balsamic connoisseurs even more possibilities.


A teaspoon of Pedroni's balsamic vinegar jelly is excellent with plain yogurt, or on a piece of toast or warm bread to help you start the day... Balsamic Style!   "LA GELATINA" is an optimal condiment on roasted or boiled meat   Thanks to its acidity, it creates an interesting combination with a very spicy and aromatic cheese.   "LA GELATINA" maximizes its balsamic taste also with simpler cheese such as stracchino, ricotta or mozzarella.   "LA GELATINA"   is irresistible even after a meal on a classic panna cotta or a delicious cheesecake.

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