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Parmesean Cheese & Balsamic Compote Combo

Bisini Hombre 

An excellent flavor combination! Choose one of our Balsamic Compotes by BG – Villa Bisini Gambetti and one piece of Hombre’s Parmigiano Reggiano and get a 10% discount


Your choice between one of the following Balsamic Compotes:


  • BG – Villa Bisini Gambetti     Pereaceto
  • BG – Villa Bisini Gambetti     Fragolaceto
  • BG – Villa Bisini Gambetti     Ciliegeaceto
  • BG – Villa Bisini Gambetti     Fichiaceto
  • BG – Villa Bisini Gambetti     Radicchioaceto

    and a piece of Parmigiano Reggiano by Hombre in one of these formats!

  • aged at least 20 months 500 gr
  • aged at least 20 months 1000 gr
  • aged at least 30 months 700 gr
  • aged at least 30 months 1000 gr

You choose the products and we will calculate the discount which you will see in the order confirmation for your approval.

* The half wheel or whole wheel does not apply to this offer.

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