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36 monate 500g

This certified organic Parmigiano Reggiano DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) is aged for at least 30 months. Due to the long maturing process, this cheese is characterized by its non-acidic flavor and its dry, crumbly texture and intense wheat color with whitish specks indicating the presence of milk protein.

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Fine tastes of Modena
Wild Salmon Carpaccio with "Sapore di Modena" or Paolo Rustichelli's Vecchio Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

Chill the salmon in the refrigerator so that it will be easier to slice (either by hand or with a slicer). In a small bowl prepare a vinaigrette using the salt, pepper, olive oil and "Sapore di Modena" or Paolo Rustichelli's Vecchio ABTM...

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A look at / Modena's Racetrack


Modena, the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari, has a strong connection with sports cars for a long time. Dream cars like Ferrari and Maserati are built here and since the beginning of the twentieth century, Modena has been an important stage for car racing.

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