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Fine Tastes of Modena has carefully selected among Modena's finest culinary artisans, companies which have kept local tradition alive with their products whose quality and originality will surely impress you.

  • Castellari Logo 220

    AC - Apicoltura Gianni Castellari

    The company Apicoltura Gianni Castellari has been in existence for about 35 years. The adventure of Gianni Castellari started at a young age as an apprentice to a famous beekeeper of Sassuolo, a small town in the Province of Modena. When he was almost 20 years old, he decided to create his own business manufacturing and selling honey products and all their derivatives in markets, shops and fairs throughout Emilia Romagna.

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  • Pedroni logo 220

    Acetaia Pedroni: Over 150 years of tradition dedicated to Modena cuisine.

    The interesting story of the Pedroni family began with a lottery win.
    It's the end of the Duchy of Este and the Kingdom of Italy still hasn't entered the political scene. Giuseppe Pedroni is working as a "boaro" (cattle hand) for a farm not far from the family's current residence...

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  • Logo Villa BG 220

    BG - Villa Bisini Gambetti

    Ermo Bisini and Nazzarena Gambetti, a husband and wife team, formed the company BG sas: a family run business that has retained its traditional beliefs. They inherited their passion for making balsamic vinegar from their ancestors who operated the family "acetaia": a place where balsamic vinegar is made.

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  • Logo Montanaro 220

    Il Montanaro

    In 1977 after several years working abroad in the hotel industry, Ilvano Prostrati took over one of the oldest delicatessen in the Modena Apennines with the intention of maintaining the genuineness of typical local products.


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  • Pasta di Celestino 220

    La Pasta di Celestino

    La Pasta di Celestino, located in the Province of Modena, has been making fresh pasta in the traditional way since 1969. For two generations, La Pasta di Celestino has kept up with the new culinary trends while preserving the tradition of Modena.

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  • Rustichelli Aceto Balsamico

    Paolo Rustichelli

    The delicatessen Rustichelli & Piccinini was establish in 1967 by Paolo Rustichelli and his wife Enoè Piccinini who are well known not only in Modena, but also by tourists visiting the city where they can find traditional specialties of Modena as well as from other regions of Italy.

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  • SAP Logo 400

    SAP - Salumificio Artigianale Pavullese

    SAP - Salumificio Artigianale Pavullese was founded in 1973, when Ugo Fulgeri and his wife Giordana decided to open a slaughterhouse to supply their butcher shop with pork and beef.


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  • Gualmini Torte & Fine Tastes of Modena

    Torte Gualmini

    Torte Gualmini is a small but dynamic artisan company which started its activity in 1964 in Montefiorino, a small village in the Modenese Apennine.

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