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BG - Villa Bisini Gambetti

Ermo Bisini and Nazzarena Gambetti, a husband and wife team, formed the company BG sas: a family run business that has retained its traditional beliefs. They inherited their passion for making balsamic vinegar from their ancestors who operated the family "acetaia": a place where balsamic vinegar is made.

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Bisini and Gambetti personally follow every stage of their production, constantly working to maintain the quality of their products.

Nazzarena Gambetti spent her childhood in a country home in the Province of Modena. She had a close relationship with her paternal grandparents whom she has many fond memories. Nazzarena spent many hours with her grandfather Guido in his acetaia, intoxicated by the strong, bittersweet but pleasurable perfume. Her grandmother Italia introduced her to the passion of cooking. Being a passionate cook, grandma Italia often had little Nazzarena help her make sweets, custards, preserves as well other recipes using the simple and precious goods from the land as they used to do in those days. In particular Nazzarena enjoyed inventing imaginative combinations of original fruit compotes which she distributed in the neighborhood. This passion remained over time and many years later she invented Fragolaceto: a delicious mixture of strawberries, sugar and a mature balsamic vinegar of Modena without preservatives or artificial coloring, but with a strong dose of love.

Fragolaceto has been enormously successful capturing the attention of consumers. In the wake of this success Nazzarena created other excellent compotes such as Fichiaceto (fig), Pereaceto (pear) and Ciliegeaceto (cherry) which was created at the suggestion of a Japanese customer who explained how much the cherry tree is valued in Japanese culture. Subsequently Nazzarena's creativity led her to try this delicious recipe also with vegetables which gave birth to Radicchioaceto: a compote made with the red radicchio of Treviso (Italian chicory), sugar and a mature balsamic vinegar of Modena. Given the great success of these preserves, Fine Tastes of Modena is ready to bet that Nazzarena will soon surprise us with new and imaginative combinations.

Nazzarena's unique idea has won her many awards for quality both nationally and internationally. Achieving international recognition in 2006, she was presented with the "Premio Mario Soldati" on the 100th anniversary of the birth of this famous writer and director.
Ermo Bisini and Nazzarena Gambetti follow very closely the distribution of their products, carefully selecting gourmet food shops, delicatessens, wine bars and fine restaurants ensuring that the high level and prestige of their products will be constantly safeguarded.