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Sweets and Confectioneries

The traditional sweets of Modena are not very sophisticated nor complicated; but are rather simple cakes and pastries which accompany the end of a meal, such as tortellini, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and zampone (pig's feet). 

There are many different types of sweets in Modena's cuisine, but perhaps the most traditional and loved by the Modenese themselves are the Bensone, Tortelli, and Amaretti: all of which we would like to present to you in more detail.


Amaretti Gastone Confezione3

Amaretti Forno Gastone

FGAMA5 - 5 Amaretti approx. 200g - 7oz.

Made with three simple ingredients: almonds, egg whites and sugar.   Forno Gastone's Amaretti are a triumph of taste.   Their rough exterior hides the soft and fragrant interior.

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Gualmini Torta Crostata Prugna e Cannella

Plum and Cinnamon Tart - Torte Gualmini

TGCCPC50 - 500g - 17.64oz

An artisan cake made with natural ingredients: wheat flour, plums, sugar, margarine, eggs and cinnamon.

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Gualmini's Cake - Gualmini Kuchen - Torte Gualmini

Gualmini's Cake - Torte Gualmini

TCCTGU40 - 400g - 14.11oz

This is the specialty of the Gualmini family! An artisan cake made with sugar, eggs, sunflower oil, peanuts, bitter almonds, almonds, chocolate and coffee.

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Torte Gualmini Amaretto Cake - Torte Gualmini Amaretto Kuchen - Torte Gualmini Torta all' Amaretto

Amaretto Cake - Torte Gualmini

TGCTAM30 - 300g - 10.58oz

An artisan made cake typical of Modena, made with amaretti cookies, eggs, sugar, sunflower oil, wheat flour, almonds and margarine.

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Torte Gualmini Sour Cherry Tart - Crostata alle Amarene - Mürbeteigkuchen mit Sauerkirschen

Sour Cherry Tart - Torte Gualmini

TGCCAM50 - 500g - 17.64oz

A typical Modenese artisan cake made with wheat flour, sour cherries, sugar, butter and eggs.

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Gualmini Torta alle Tagliatelle

Tagliatelle Cake - Torte Gualmini

TGCTTA30 - 300g - 10.58oz

A typical Modenese artisan cake made with wheat flour, sugar, sunflower oil, almonds, tagliatelle noodles (they are usually eaten as pasta dish!) and eggs.

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