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Organic White Balsamic Dressing BG - Villa Bisini Gambetti

BG White Balsamico 500 
500 ml - 16.90 fl oz bottle

A bittersweet balsamic condiment, fresh and delicate on the palate. This condiment is 100% organic; made with wine vinegar using white grapes and concentrated grape must, and produced under the strict standards established by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and the European Union and overseen by the I.C.E.A. - Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute.


This condiment is ideal for white meat or fish recipes and is excellent on cooked or raw vegetables. Its golden color allows meals to maintain their natural appearance. You will appreciate its smooth sweet taste due to its delicate acidity of 5.5 percent.

It is best to store this product away from direct light and heat. This Organic White Balsamic Dressing is subjected to natural browning.


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