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SAP - Salumificio Artigianale Pavullese

SAP - Salumificio Artigianale Pavullese was founded in 1973, when Ugo Fulgeri and his wife Giordana decided to open a slaughterhouse to supply their butcher shop with pork and beef.


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In the 80's their slaughterhouse became very successful with the pork industry. They decided to focus on this market; abandoning entirely their beef production.
At this point Ugo and his wife sold the butcher shop to devote themselves exclusively to slaughtering pigs as well as producing pork products to sell directly to the consumer, wholesalers and delicatessens.

At the beginning of 90's, the European Union started making complicated and restrictive laws regulating the slaughter industry. The Fulgeri family then decided to abandon the slaughtering business altogether and to concentrate on producing pork products.
Actually the Fulgeri family comes from four generations of salumi makers: starting with Ugo's grandfather who was dedicated to processing meat. He taught the farmers in the area how to use the different parts of the pig to make delicious salumi.
Ugo and his father were experts in making mortadella and were sought out by a salumi manufacturer in southern Italy where Ugo's father worked until his death; followed thereafter by Ugo where he also worked for many years.
The fourth generation of Fulgeri's are Ugo's sons Marco and Saverio who now carry on the family business.

Equally important is the area where SAP originated. SAP is located in Pavullo nel Frignano which is part of the Emilian Apennines, extending in the Province of Modena. The area of Frignano has a long history as a place welcoming those seeking refuge for historical and cultural reasons. Despite being a poor area whose economy was mainly from agriculture, the tenacity and talent of its people created a diet that was not only nutritious, but also enjoyable and tasty; helping to overcome the hard times.

SAP has been able to preserve the rich, local tradition throughout its many years of operation and their meat products can testify for this.
Among their products are all the traditional salumi from the Province of Modena such as mountain prosciutto, mountain salami, mortadella, coppa (a salami made from pork shoulder or neck), sausage, ciccioli (chips of dried, pressed pork), pesto for tigelle, cotechino and zampone (pig's feet); but SAP has also paid special attention to Coeliac disease by creating their "linea Salute" brand of products which are gluten and lactose free, with reduced sodium and fat.
SAP has been certified by the Italian Coeliac Association for their "Linea Salute" whose products are identified by the red crossed grain symbol.

Even as the business evolves technically, SAP maintains its traditional artisan roots with the care in selecting the highest quality pork: firm and rich in protein, but low in water; obtainable only from pigs raised naturally and not by intense, industralized methods.
By starting out with a high quality material, SAP only needs to add carefully selected spices, salt and when needed, vitamin C as a natural antioxidant. Everything naturally being done according to great-grandfather's old recipes!