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Torte Gualmini

Torte Gualmini is a small but dynamic artisan company which started its activity in 1964 in Montefiorino, a small village in the Modenese Apennine.

Gualmini Torte & Fine Tastes of Modena

The peculiarity of this prestigious artisan company is the production of traditional cakes of Modena such as the "Tagliatelle" cake or Sour Cherry Tart as well as many other excellent cakes, made with the same care and love used for baking homemade cakes.

In 1992 the company moved to a new establishment not far away from Montefiorino. This change allowed them to increase their production and to start a new line of organic cakes.

The artisan care typical of the best confectioner's art combined with the inventiveness of a modern company has allowed Torte Gualmini to attract a following of fans, not only fond of tradition and authenticity but also willing to try a combination of new and unique deliscious flavors.